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Cinerockom Awards 2013.

Beverly Hilton Hotel.


Films Screened: 69

Participating Countries: 31

Total Attendance: 1340

Awards Attendance: 303


Technical Information:

Cinema screen: 9x20 feet.

Sound: Stereo

Theater seats: 240

Theaters: 1 




“Delinquent Dancers” by Samit Kakkad (India) 10 Awards!


Diamond Award Best Feature Film

Diamond Award Editing Rahul Bhatankar

Gold Award Cinematography Sanjay Jadhav

Gold Award Actress Amruka Khanvilkar

Gold Award Director Samit Kakkad

Silver Award Production Design Vasu Patil

Silver Award Young Actor Siddhesh Pai

Silver Award Actor Sachin Khedekar

Silver Award Music Score Ajit Sameer

Blue Award Young Actor Sanket Farad


“Milwood” by Jimmy Scanlon / Evan Goldman (USA) 9 Awards!


Diamond Award Best Young Actor Christian Goodwin

Diamond Award Best Music Score Nedy John Cross

Platinum Award Feature Film

Platinum Award Director Jimmy Scanlon / Evan Goldman

Platinum Award Actor Jimmy Scanlon

Gold Award Editing Sean Tretta

Gold Award Actress Michelle Romano

Gold Award Screenplay Jimmy Scanlon

Ruby Award Production Design Michelle Romano


“Gabriel” by Mikolaj Haremski (Poland) 7 Awards!


Diamond Award Best Cinematography Jan Pawel Trzaska

Platinum Award Screenplay Radoslaw Hendel / Piotr Chrzan

Gold Award Young Actor Jan Rotowski

Gold Award Music Score Andrezej Krause

Gold Award Feature Film

Ruby Award Editing

Ruby Award Director Mikolaj Haremski


“Liberator” by Aaron pope (USA) 7 Awards!


Diamond Award Best Short Film

Diamond Award Best Actress Peta Wilson

Platinum Award Music Score Timothy Wynn

Gold Award Actor Lou Ferrigno

Silver Award Director Aaron Pope

Ruby Award Screenplay Jim Cirile / Aaron Pope

Emerald Award Editing Mark Oguschewitz


“Lunch Break” by Gabriel Schmidt (USA) 6 Awards!


Diamond Award Best Director Gabriel Schmidt

Diamond Award Best Actor Sal Landi

Platinum Award Short Film

Platinum Award Still Photography Jay Roberts

Platinum Award Cinematography Ace Undehill

Silver Award Music Score Song James Byous / Badwater


“Saint Dracula 3D” by Rupesh Paul (United Arab Emirates) 6 Awards!


Platinum Award Cinematography Francois Coppey

Gold Award Production Design Peter Mulhal / Toby Riches

Silver Award Screenplay Rupesh Paul

Silver Award Actor Mitch Powel

Emerald Award Feature Film

Emerald Award Director Rupesh Paul


“Vacant House” by Jeremy Casper (USA) 5 Awards!


Platinum Award Screenplay Jeremy Casper / Cris Cunnigham

Platinum Award Actor Cris Cunnigham

Silver Award Feature Film

Silver Award Actress Dee Ann Newkirk

Silver Award Director Jeremy Casper


“Choices” by Michael J. Kirkland (USA) 5 Awards!


Platinum Award Screenplay Sean Ryan

Ruby Award Music Score Song Adam Stackpole

Emerald Award Short Film

Sapphire Award Director Michael J. Kirkland

Sapphire Award Actor Gene Loveland


“Grandpa” by Leslie Simpson (Australia) 5 Awards!


Gold Award Short Film

Ruby Award Young Actor Francesco Basile

Sapphire Award Editing Peter Bennett

Blue Award Director Leslie Simpson

Green Award Actress Claudia Greenstone


“Jackhammer” by MIke Hanus (Canada) 4 Awards! 


Diamond Award Best Director Mike Hanus

Platinum Award Editing Kevin Guillet / Chris Herbert

Gold Award Feature Film

Emerald Award Cinematography Daniel Carruthers / Jerry Kott


“Kayip” by Mete sozer (Turkey) 4 Awards!


Diamond Best Award Short Film

Gold Award Director Mete Sozer

Green Award Editing Ann Goursaud

Silver Award Screenplay Mete Sozer


“Revenge” by Gabriel Schmidt (USA) 4 Awards!


Diamond Award Best Still Photography Emily Goodman

Ruby Award Actress Jacqueline Guzman

Emerald Award Young Actress Priscilla Schmidt

Sapphire Award Short Film


“The Composer” by Humaid Alsuwaidi (USA) 4 Awards!


Platinum Award Short Film

Platinum Award Director Humaid Alsuwaidi

Ruby Award Screenplay Humaid Alsuwaidi

Emerald Award Actor Brett Emanuel


“Smile Now Cry Later” by Kate Whitney (USA) 4 Awards!


Gold Award Director Kate Whitney

Gold Award Feature Film

Silver Award Screenplay Kate Whitney

Silver Award Actor Patrick Nuo


“A Perfect Day” by Adam Rubin (USA) 4 Awards!


Gold Award Short Film

Silver Award Young Actor Seth Ginsberg

Ruby Award Screenplay Adam Rubin

Sapphire Award Actor Kelly Perrine


“Healers” by Kor Adana / Cleve Nettles (USA) 4 Awards!


Silver Award Featurette Film

Silver Award Editing Robbie Adler

Emerald Award Actress Pernille Trojgaard

Green Award Music Score Michael Shapiro


“Send me to Heaven” by Andrew Aidman (USA) 4 Awards!


Silver Award Cinematography Daniel Dorian Druhora

Sapphire Award Music Score Jeff Tinsley

Blue Award Short Film

Blue Award Young Actor Andrew Kluger


“A Gun & A Ring” by Lenin Sivam (Canada) 4 Awards!


Emerald Award Actor Jon Berrie

Sapphire Award Feature Film.

Sapphire Award Director Lenin Sivan

Green Award Actor Gangathran Kandasamy


“The American Failure” by Ameenah Kaplan / Said Faraj (USA) 3 Awards!


Diamond Award Best Featurette Film

Ruby Award Director Ameenah Kaplan / Said Faraj

Ruby Award Actor Said Faraj


“Shoe Shine Chicken” by Fernando Cuestas (USA) 3 Awards!


Platinum Award Featurette Film

Platinum Award Young Actor John Reese

Emerald Award Young Actor Santino Christiano


“Animation Hotline” by Dustin Grella (USA) 3 Awards!


Platinum Award Production Design Dustin Grella

Gold Award Short Film

Blue Award Editing Dustin Grella


“Clara’s Carma” by Robert Brinkman (USA) 3 Awards!


Platinum Award Actor Stephen Tobolowsky

Blue Award Screenplay Alex Dawson

Green Award Short Film


“Six Rounds” by Cory Caplan (USA) 3 Awards!


Platinum Award Production Design Heather McBride

Ruby Award Short Film

Sapphire Award Actor Alain Azoulay


“Essential Travel” by Paul Bridges (UK) 3 Awards!


Platinum Award Actress Tracy Gabbitas

Sapphire Award Featurette Film

Earth Award Director Paul Bridges


“Speedwacker” by Alexandre Carriere (Canada) 3 Awards!


Gold Award Young Actor Julien Carriere

Ruby Award Short Film

Emerald Award Director Alexandre Carriere


“Zibidi” by Nart Zeqiraj (Kosovo) 3 Awards!


Gold Award Short Film

Blue Award Music Score Blerim Avdili

Green Director Nart Zeqiraj


“The Final 4” by Rainer Cvillink (USA) 3 Awards!


Silver Award Edit Rainer Cvillink

Earth Award Feature Film

Earth Award Director Rainer Cvillink


“At Last” by Tarun Jain (India) 3 Awards!


Emerald Award Short Film

Sapphire Award Cinematography Karan Thapliyal

Earth Award Director Tarun Jain


“HeLL. A.” by Hunter Davis (USA) 2 Awards!


Diamond Award Best Webisode Film

Emerald Award Screenplay Hunter Davis.


“The Firebird” by Antonis Tsonis (Australia) 2 Awards!


Gold Award Featurette Film

Sapphire Award Screenplay Antonis Tsonis.


“Empanadas” by Mauricio Mo Zapata (USA) 2 Awards!


Silver Award Featurette Film

Green Award Actress Yvette Ramos


“Sakura” by Ting Joh Feng (Malaysia) 2 Awards!


Silver Award Short Film

Blue Award Actress Linda Ngo


“The Favorite” by Lyvia Martines (USA) 2 Awards!


Silver Award Short Film

Emerald Award Actress Becca Ingram


“Wiener Dog Nationals” by Kevan Peterson (USA) 2 Awards!


Ruby Award Young Julian Feder

Ruby Award Actor Jason London


“El Camino Del Vino” by Nicolas Carrera (Argentina) 2 Awards!


Ruby Award Feature Film

Ruby Award Cinematography Esteban Perroud


“Woyzeck” by Max Roland / M Von Vietinghoff (Germany) 2 Awards!


Ruby Award Short Film

Blue Award Actor Till Wacker


“The Prisoner” by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh (USA) 2 Awards!


Sapphire Award Short Film

Green Award Actor Ryan Murray


“Weird” by Gabriel Schmidt / Nedy John Cross (France) 2 Awards!


Sapphire Award Actress Tjasa Ferme

Blue Award Short Film


“Dam 999” by Sohan Roy (Singapore) 2 Awards!


Blue Award Feature Film

Blue Award Director Sohan Roy


“Southern Baptist Sissies” by Del Shores (USA) 2 Awards!


Green Award Feature Film

Green Award Director Del Shores


“Thumb” by Sarah Gurfield (USA) 2 Awards!


Green Award Actress Johanna Watts

Earth Award Short Film


“Locked” by Lakpathy Wijesekara (Sri Lanka / USA) 2 Awards


Emerald Award Short Film

Sapphire Award Actress Rachel Lynn David


“Rose, Mary and Time” by Hardeep Giani (England) 2 Awards!


Emerald Award Featurette Film

Green Award Director Hardeep Giani


“God Forgive” by Nedy John Cross (Bulgaria) 1 Award!

Performed by Big Fat Lily

Diamond Award Best Music Video


“Life Changing moments” By Sherry Thomas (USA) 1 Award!


Diamond Award Documentary Film.


“A Man Since Long Time” by Mahmoud Yossry (Egypt) 1 Award!


Platinum Award Documentary Film.


“The Hardest Day” by Gilbert Orozco (USA) 1 Award!


Performed by Helicopter Rounds, Jonas Lind, Annamarie Davidson, Alexandra Bard.

Platinum Award Music Video


“Delica M: Mean Something” by Herman Wang (Canada) 1 Award!


Performed by Herman Wang

Platinum Award Music Video


“66 Days on Route 66” by Molly DeBower (Austrlia-USA) 1 Award!

Gold Award Documentary Film.


“Only me” by Carlos Hurtado (USA) 1 Award!


Performed by Socioo

Gold Award Music Video


“Candy Cane” by Rachel Woods 1 Award!


Performed by Gold Award Music Video


“Tweed River Music Festival” by Mark Serao (USA) 1 Award!


Silver Award Documentary Film


“Gold” by Uzi Amir (Israel) 1 Award!


Performed by Silver Award Music Video


“Atlantis: The Last Days of Kaptara” by Patrick Canning (USA) 1 Award!


Ruby Award Feature Film


“Risky Business: A look inside the adult film industry” by David Mech (USA) 1 Award!


Ruby Award Documentary Film.


“Faded Love” by Tamara Feldman (USA) 1 Award!


Performed by Ruby Award Music Video


“Wake up!” by Daniel Ruczko (USA-Germany) 1 Award!


Ruby Award Featurette Film


“Malea Beloved” by Vincent McLean (USA) 1 Award!


Ruby Award Actress Leila Bambad


“TITS” by Jack Truman (Canada) 1 Award!


Emerald Award Documentary Film.


“Show me ‘round” by Andrew Blum (USA) 1 Award!


Emerald Award Music Video


“Harry Hellfire” by Jim Morrison (USA) 1 Award!


Sapphire Award Documentary Film.


“MFR” by Nedy Cross (USA) 1 Award!


Performed by Big Fat Lily

Sapphire Award Music Video


“Citadel” by Harry Locke IV (USA) 1 Award!


Sapphire Award Short Film


“One Life Last Dance” by M. Alharizim / J. Elmore (USA)



We are very proud to have had your films participating in our festival.






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